Thursday, 4 September 2014

American Beauties I Lust After

There is no question that 2014 has been the year where many much loved American brands have made the way to our shores - Wet 'N' Wild, Physicians Formula and NYX. I got thinking the other day about all the american brands I have tried over the years and which ones I would personally love to see arrive in Ireland. All the brands featured can be found on Amazon, Ebay and other websites including Camera Ready Cosmetics The only slight hitch is that sometimes shipping can be more than the actual product as can pesky customs. There are so many brands on the website but I have picked three that I have loved over the years.

Joe Blasco has been around for so long in the states. The quality of the products is outstanding and features a quite an extensive range. I have tried a few bits from them but my ultimate favourite is their Ultra Base Foundation. 
This creamy compact foundation is waterproof but also extremely lightweight. I usually find compacts and me don't get on but this is a whole different forty. It doesn't clog my pores or leave my skin feeling tight and dry. It's great for covering spots, redness and uneven skin tones. There is 38 shades so there is definitely a shade for everyone.

Camera Ready Cosmetics don't just stock well known american brands but they also have their own line. Way back when I was working as a freelance makeup artist, a lot of my kit contained the brand. One favourite is the micro fine loose powder. 

I love a loose powder, sure it can be as messy as anything but I find it gives a much better finish to foundation. Their offering is extremely fine and reminds me quite a bit of the Makeup Forever loose powder. The brand also do some extremely lusty makeup kits, if that's your kinda of thing. For me, I could stare at them all day and dream about owning one someday.....

When I think of Sugarpill, two things come to mind - Colour and super pigmentation. Since Sugarpill is all about fun colour, it seems only fitting I share their pressed eyeshadows. 

That is just a teeny selection of the colours but I think it gives you an idea of the colour I am talking about. So many times I've gone for a bright colour only to be list down by pigmentation and have to build up layers. Not with these stunners those.

Hopefully we will see these making an appearance here soon. Unfortunately Sugarpill are the only ones you can pick up on UK websites. I've ordered them from Love Makeup before to take a slight sting out of shipping.

Have you ever tried any of these brands or are there other american brands you lust after??

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