Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hello Products Preview

On Tuesday, I headed to the lovely Trinity Capital Hotel to see the launch of a new product. I wasn't sure what the product is all I could guess from the twitter #wordofmouth is that it had something to do with the mouth or lips. On arrival, all was revealed when we saw the American Cult Oral Care Range, Hello Products. Their fan base is pretty impressive with Kylie Jenner and Elijah Wood being amongst it. 

When it comes to oral care, I try as much as possible to avoid ones with lots of alcohol or artificial sweeteners/flavourings. With this in my head, I was impressed to see that the products meet with this criteria. Hello Products also don't test on animals either for individual ingredients or the overall products - another massive plus for me. 

With so many oral care products being very clinical in either there ingredients or packaging, I am very happy to see a brand that embraces a friendlier side to Oral care as well as a bit of fun with thanks to the packaging. 

There are three flavours in the range. I had a spritz of all in the breath spray and Mojito Mint was the stand out for me, with supermint coming second and pink grapefruit mint coming third. The pink grapefruit mint is nice just not for me as I'm not overly into citrus flavours.

I am definitely 100% picking up the Mojito Mint mouthwash asap. The prices of the the mouthwash and breath spray are reasonable at €7.50 and €4.75. So far, the products are available in Mc Cabes and Sam Mc Cauleys Pharmacies. Unfortunately, I don't have either near me but I have a growing Mc Cabes list so will be doing an online order soon. I see from the hello products website there is also a toothpaste available and I'm keeping my fingers crossed they will be coming to our shores.

Do yo think you would give these a try?

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  1. The packaging is great and really stands out. Can't wait to try these out. I can't use mouthwash with alcohol in it because it just make me gag to put it bluntly. So Hello products will be an added bonus for me :)


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