Friday, 26 September 2014

NYX Newbies

I've always been a fan of NYX, even more so since they came to Ireland. I've managed to work a good amount of NYX into my makeup routine with their HD concealer and Felt Eyeliner fast becoming Holy Grails. I've wanted to visit a stand for ages and today was finally the day. 

I went in having a rough idea of what I wanted - powder foundation and blusher. I also ended up picking up one extra item. I got very excited when I saw the stand, hubby thought I was mad when I slightly squealed at the sight of the stand. 

I picked up the Stay Matte  But Not Flat Powder Foundation (€10.99) in Nude. I did swatch Ivory too but I felt it was a little too pale for me. I really love the texture of this, it is so soft. I've yet to apply it but will be road testing it later tonight. It can be used wet for heavy duty coverage and dry for full coverage.


Next up was a powder blush (€7.49). I knew I wanted a pinky tone but more of a warm pink than a baby pink or bright pink. I must have swatched five or six but eventually decided on Dusty Rose. Again the texture on this is soft and the blush is really well pigmented.
*Image from Temptalia as for some reason it was coming out orangey with my camera*

Lastly, is the item I never intended to pick up, in fact I didn't know it even existed - Wonder Pencil (€5.99) in Light. Apparently this can be used as a concealer, eye brightener and reverse lip liner. I can't wait to try it out.

I think I was very reserved in my purchases, especially considering I could have easily bought 3 more NYX products and all of the W7 eyeshadow palettes.

NYX can be picked up in a good amount of pharmacies and the list is constantly growing. You can also pick them up on the Mc Cabes Website. I'm definitely going to keep growing my collection, is there any products you would recommend?

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