Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Forever Living Eczema Tips

Having tried the vast majority of products on the market for Eczema for my 6 month old daughter I was asked to try Forever Living Products Aloe Hand and Face liquid soap and Aloe Propolis cream by a friend and I said sure why not.

The soap is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and has a mild and non-irritating formula that can be used to cleanse the face, hands and body on a daily basis.                          
Aloe Propolis Creme contains stabilised Aloe Vera Gel and Bee Propolis, Chamomile, Vitamins A and E all recognised for their natural skin-conditioning properties.


From first use of the soap and cream together  it brought relief from the intense  itching and my daughter was more comfortable and had less intense flare ups.  My daughter is now 4 and I dont use any other products on her skin.
If you are not getting the results you want from other skin care products then I would highly reccomend you try these.

Have you tried these products already? Then please feel free to provide feedback.

*Guest post from Jennifer from Forever Living, if you are interested in any of the products she can be contacted through *


  1. Hi Jennifer great post! We just finished using the Aloe Vera Gelly and loved it for both myself and my little girl. I definitely would think about trying out more from the range x

  2. Great post Jennifer! I've used the Aloe Vera gel for sore muscles and the bath soak too, both fab products so I really like the range :) x


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