Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Hello 2015

Hi all, hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas. I just wanted to drop by and wish you all a Happy 2015. 

Personally I cannot wait to see the back of 2014. It has been a pretty tough year so am hoping next year will be better. I realise I have been a bit quiet lately and while  I won't go into too much detail I will say thank you to all the lovely Irish beauty bloggers who have been so kind and thoughtful We really do have a great little community. 

Here's to a great new year! One thing I cannot wait for is the arrival of our little baby. I am taking a bit of time off to spend with family and try get sorted for the little ones arrival. I have so little done! I  have a few posts scheduled while I de stress a bit. As always I will be hanging around on Facebook and Twitter

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