Thursday, 4 December 2014

The 10 Week Countdown: Time To Start Shopping

Today marks 10 weeks until baby number 2 arrives, that's of course if they arrive on time like a good little baby or I go over like I did on Jack. With this date in mind, I have started proper shopping for baby by picking up adorable baby grow, socks, hats. That sort of thing. I actually forgot how tiny the clothes are! I have a good few things left over from when Jack was a baby that are gender neutral too so I don't really need a lot.

The things I do need to think about are bottles, a steriliser and a pram. I already know what bottles I want (Dr.Brown) but finding a universal sterilser they'll fit into is proving a big problem. The bottles are slightly chunkier then others and typically the brand only do a microwave sterilser. Total nightmare.There is rumours of an electric one but it's like finding a needle in a haystack and even if I did find it I'm not sure how comfortable I would be paying nearly €80. 

Luckily we have Jack's baby car seat left from his travel system, the pram itself is knackered thanks to an overly eager granddad shoving it in and out of the boot. The mechanism on the buggy part is broken and collapses as your walking down the street. So I have the fear I'll be out with babs and that will happen. Prams can be so expensive but I am thinking of giving this Chicco pram a test if I can find it in a Boots

I'm hoping to get everything sorted by the second week of January and plan to buy a good part of what I need in Boots so I can get some points on my loyalty card. Now that I have a plan in place, all I need to do is dedicate a couple of drawers in the spare room. 

*In general I am feeling quite well, tired but that's to be expected

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