Friday, 12 December 2014

What I've Been Watching

I like to sit down in the evenings when Jack has gone to bed and watch something on the TV or the laptop. Here are the six programs I've been watching lately. Some are old favourites while others are more new. 

CSI is something I have watched from the start. I loved Grissom and when they replaced him with Laurence Fishbourne, I kind of lost interest in it. I really disliked his character. However I persevered and now am loving it with Ted Danson. A good few of the originals have left. Most recently I read Nick is leaving (le sigh!) and I also read it's finishing next year ( weeps into pillow) to make room for CSI Cyber starring Patricia Arquette. The current series has a pretty good main story line staring Zack from Saved By The Bell as a complete nut job.

Greys Anatomy is another series I've watched for year. Past seasons I have loved but this season I am really not feeling. It kind of feels like the writers are just phoning it in. I would say this will be the second last if not last series. I hate when I series I love started going downhill towards the end. Oh and there is a new character in it that just plain annoys me.

Arrow is more the hubby's bag as he is a big DC fan. I really didn't think I would enjoy it but I have to say I am liking it. It doesn't do any harm that the lead character is easy on the eye and one of my favourite actors ( John Barrowman) has a recurring roll. Apart from that the storyline is quite edgy, a bit dark and is full of twists.

How To Get Away With Murder is the newest offering from the creator of Grey Anatomy. It centres around law students working with this strong manipulative lawyer. The storyline is good and full of twists. You think the episode is going one way, only for it to be turned on it's head. The timeline can be a bit jumpy but having just watched series 1, I'll definitely be watching the next season. 

Blue Bloods cannot be missed in my house. When I first heard of it, I knew I would love it for two simple reasons - Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck! I love Tom Selleck so much, there are just no words. Every episode has a different storyline and family is of major importance. Definitely worth watching. 

Revenge is another one that has a fair few twists in it, sometimes a bit too many. I quite like the cleverness of the lead character,if not sometimes she borders on just plain crazy. How the writers came up with the idea for the show is beyond me. 

Let me know in the comments what you've been watching and if you watch any of these?

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  1. I've never watched any of the above except Revenge! You can always rely on it for a good twist or two!! Xx


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