Friday, 18 April 2014

Ziaja Cookies 'n' Vanilla Shampoo and Shower Gel

I'm constantly on the lookout for kids products that are kind to my little man's skin. Every now and again, he gets a wee flare up of eczema but I try to keep it at bay by using products aimed at sensitive skin. I'd heard whispering of a purse friendly skincare brand that did products for both adults and children called Ziaja and was thrilled when a package arrived from them. There was a good few products for myself and the little man, today I'm sharing my thoughts on their Cookies 'n' Vanilla Ice Cream Shampoo and Shower Gel.

Before I go into the actual product, lets discuss the price... It's just €2.99!! Yes you read that right, an unreal prie but is it any good? I have to say I kinda thought ah it won't be much good. I was wrong, very wrong.

The scent is heavenly, it actually smells like the front of the bottle describes. I know it says shower gel but I have been using it as a bath foam. In our main bathroom we don;t have a shower and our shower in the ensuite is not exactly child friendly. I squeezed a little bit under some warm running water and got an enormous amount of bubbles. Something the little man was extremely excited about. 

Excuse the toes :)
Overall, both myself and the little man loved the shampoo and shower gel but for very different reasons. The little man loved the bubbles.Usually kids products I try that suit sensitive skin don't bubble a lot. I liked it because it smells amazing and did a really good job cleaning him and his curly hair. After his bath I used the Baby and Kids Body Milk on him but will share my thoughts on that another time. 

Cookies 'n' Vanilla Ice Cream is recommended for children over 3 and can be purchased through with the rest of the Ziaja range or in local stockists.

Have you tried Ziaja? If so have you any recommentdations?

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Apps I'm Loving Right Now

Up until a month ago I had a pretty shocking smart phone. It was grand gfor making calls and doing the odd bit of internet browsing on it. But the memory was so bad on it, if I wanted tot try a new app I had to delete another app for it to fit. Very annoying! Enter my new love, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. 

I absolutely love it especially the fact I can have a decent amount of apps on it. Apart from the obvious social media apps there are a couple of others that I am really liking. All of which are free to download on the android market.

  1. Out Of Milk is a great app for those who like to make lists. I'm a divil for lists! Technically it's a shopping list app but I use for other things like blog post ideas and things I want to buy in the future from places like Ikea and Penneys. Once you have bought whats on your list, you simply click beside it to remove. Another great feature is you can share your list with your partner, mother or anyone through email, text and Facebook. Myself and the hubby have actually synced our accounts so that if one of us isn't in the shop, we still know what to buy. You can also add and remove from your list without being connected to the internet. 

    2. May My Walk is a recent discovery for me since I've just started going walking again in a bid to get fit for m y upcoming holiday. On it you can track your walk (once GPS is enabled) if not it just measures how far you've walked, what speed and how many calories you have burned. You can also sync it to My Fitness Pal, (an app I was loving but have had big issues lately with the app automatically logging me out every time I update my food diary ) I just checked there and there is afood diary on the app so if like me you're having issues with my fitness pal, try Map My Walk instead.

    3.Photo Grid is a photo editing app where you can crop photos or create collages. I use this a good bit for the blog and my personal Facebook. There is great border and text options for pictures. I love this app an awful lot

    Are there any other android apps you think are worth downloading?

Monday, 14 April 2014

New Competition With Ginger and Co

On my trisp to England, there is always a few brands that give me serious lust. One brand is Ginger and Co. Mainly because the price is very purse friendly. The brand have landed on our shores (*does a happy dance) and are available in good old Penney. Prices start at €2.99

How cute and vintagey is the packaging? I think it's gorgeous. I can't wait to get trying the products but in the meantime three of you lucky ladies can win a Ginger and Co mini trio set and a €10 voucher for Penneys.

 I'm running the competition from today (Monday 14th) to next Monday (the 21st). To enter simply comment below on which product out of the set you most like the sound of and tweet "I've entered @anitabeautyblog competition to win a @_GingerandCo giftset". If you're not on twitter, you can post that quote on Facebook. Winners will be chosen using