Friday, 16 May 2014

Cleanse Of Mitt- See Ya Later Face Wipes

I love anything that makes my skincare routine a little bit easier. 9 times out of ten I use a cleansing water with very little chemicals in it. The only time I don't is if I have particularly heavy makeup on or I'm away and fall into the face wipe trap. With these things in mind, I had planned ages ago to pick up the latest must have accessory- Cleanse Off Mitt. Then a lovely surprise came when I fond it in my Chic Treat Box

I was thrilled to see it after reading so many glowing reviews. The team behind Mitty are big advocates of binning face wipes. Something I am in favour of even if I am guilty of using them from time to time. All you have to do is wet the mitt, pop it on your hand and gently rub the mitt all over your face.

Sounded ideal to me. I first gave it a proper outing after a night on the town with the hubby where I had worn pretty heavy makeup. I followed the instructions and was amazed when I looked down and saw a lot of makeup on the mitt. Out of curiosity, I ran over my face with some cleansing water and a cotton pad. the result? The pad was practically clean apart from a teeny bit of eyeliner. 

Since it's first outing, I have used it none stop. It's easy to use and easy to care for. To clean, all you need to do is wash it with hand soap or pop it in the washing machine. The cloth itself is ver soft so won't aggravate your skin even if it's sensitive like mine. 

Cleanse Off Mitt retails at five euro and it's recommended you replace it every three months.There are lots of online stockists including Cloud10Beauty and Beauty Emporium but it can also be picked up in some pharmacies. Pop over to Cleanse Off Mitt on Facebook and Twitter for a full stockist list.

Have you tried Cleanse Off Mitt yet?

Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Suncare Picks

I take sun care very seriously. As soon as the sun breaks out, I layer on the SPF. There are literally hundreds of sun care products on the market but I thought I would share the ones that I have recently been using.

For The Little Man, La Roche Posay is the only way I go. It suits his sensitive skin and with the 300ml special value bottles it's a winner. I always use SPF50 on him.

** May is Melanoma Awareness Month and La Roche Posay have a great free pack for children when you buy two suncare products, one to be childrens.** 
  For myself and the hubby, I usually use Vichy Capital Soleil Suncare Oil in SPF20. I became obsessed with it last summer and have repurchased it several times. On a recent day out I was caught short with no sun cream. A quick trip into Lidl and I came out with an SPF 20 for just under €2. I was dubious that it wouldn't be that good but so far I am really liking it apart from the scent. I find it a little too baby powder-y. For holidays, I always raid the supermarket when we arrive for sun cream bargains.

For my face, I use the Nuxe Delicious Cream for Face High Protection in SPF30 with UVA and UVB protection. This retails at €19 and is worth every cent. I love how this glides on, without feeling heavy and also leaves my face moisturised. This lovely is definitely coming away with me to Spain.

What are your favourite sun care products?

Monday, 12 May 2014

New Brushes From Blank Canvas Cosmetics

A few weeks ago, I finally caved and bought some new makeup brushes. One brand that was recommended loads was Blank Canvas Cosmetics. I'd already tried and loved their F20 brush so I decided to pick up a few essential brushes that I needed to top up my collection.

I love makeup brushes and could easily have bought every brush on the website but I settled on four little lovelies to get me started. 

I've used all four brushes non stop since they arrived and have fallen hook line and sinker for them. Each of them is incredibly soft and do a really good job applying makeup.

The total cost of these was €41.96 and then delivery. Not too bad a price. If you  haven't checked Blank Canvas Cosmetics out already they can be found here aswell as Facebook (where you can sometimes pick up a great offer) and Twitter 

I'll definitely be picking up some more brushes and accessories asap

Have you tried Blank Canvas Cosmetics before? If so, what are your picks?