Friday, 15 August 2014

MeMeMe Light Me Up High Shine Lipgloss

I love a lipgloss, the main criteria I have is that it isn;t sticky. Not too much to ask I think you will agree. A good while back I received some goodies from MeMeMe Cosmetics, included was their High Shine Lip Gloss in Illuminate. 

High Shine Lip Gloss has plumping agents to add some volume to your lips and a gorgeous minty flavour. For me it reminds me of Two Faced Lip Injection,(God, how I loved that when it first came out) but at a way more purse friendly price of €8.99.

        MeMeMe have been very kind and have included a mirror on the side of the tube and a handy              light on the lid once you open. I really  like this extra touch as it  means you don't have to root for a mirror in your handbag to reapply when out.

A pale pinky nude, a shade I would wear if I am going for a natural makeup or a shade to highlight bold coloured lips. It is gorgeous over NYX Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose. There are other shades in the range including a lovely intense red. 

Overall this is a really nice addition to my ever growing lip product collection.

Have you tried anything from MeMeMe yet? You can check out their stockist list on Facebook.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

New Releases From Blank Canvas Cosmetics

You may remember back in May, I shared some new brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics. I'm seriously in love with the brushes and was thrilled when a few weeks ago, I was approached to try their new offerings. 

First up is a brush clutch (€22.99) , something I have needed for a while. This contains ten large brush slots suitable for large brushes or you can double up smaller brushes into a slot. 

The F30 Sculpt brush  (€19.99) is a brush I have heard a lot about from Aisling over at Total Makeup Addict and one I have wanted for a while so I was thrilled to finally have my hands on it.At first it took a bit of practice but once I had practiced my contouring skills, this lovely has been used countless times and I find it amazing for contouring.

F42 Large Contour/Powder Brush  (€15.99) is a multi purple brush you can use for contouring, applying powder and highlighting. I have used it to apply my powder and love it. The fibres are really soft and I find the powder doesn't cling to the fibres.

F40 Small Tapered Contour Brush is a great companion to the F30. I use it to highlight and help blend any lines I may have from my contour powder. Again the goat hair is so soft. I'm a divil for feeling up makeup brushes.

E42 Pointed Socket Blender (€6.99) is my new best friend when it comes to blending my eye socket when creating a smokey eye. I find with some Socket Blenders make you work an awful lot to get a flawless blend, I'm so glad this offering makes the job so much easier. 

Last up are two more brand new offerings ideal for your handbag is the F20 in a short handle (€13.99) and long handle (€14.99) retractable brush. I'm already a massive fan of the F20 so I'm delighted to see it as a handbag friendly. They are also available in Pink.

Will you be picking any of these lovelies?

*Some images from Blank Canvas Cosmetics, my SD card is acting up and won't load my pics*

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Dream Dots For Spots

In recent months, I have been pretty lucky avoiding spots completely. However, thanks to pregnancy hormones, I have been attacked by them none stop on my chin. It's getting to the point of annoying. While browsing on Twitter, I noticed there was a nice product out called Dream Dots For Spots. I contacted the owner for more information and she kindly offered to send me out a box to try.

When they arrived, I was extremely eager to try as one spot in particular had come up. You know the sort that are actually painful. I was miserable with it. The patches are easy enough to put on, just remove the backing and place the patch on top of the spot. I popped on the patch just before bed and crossed my fingers it would eliminate the spot.  Dream Dots are an overnight treatment that will stop spots in their tracks. 

The patches are practically invisible!
 Hands Up, I will admit I was sceptical. Surely a little patch wouldn't do much to a spot. I woke up and removed the patch... Results? The spot actually felt smaller, it was still there but definitely smaller and less red. I repeated for another night and the next morning the spot had vanished. 

I was sent a box of 24 patches (€14.95) but there is also a 48 patch box (€24.95) available too. They can be bought on the Dream Dots website or in some pharmacies including Mc Cabes and Sam Mc Cauleys. 

Have you or will you try Dream Dots?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Exciting Times Ahead _ Baby Number Two On The Way!

Hi lovelies,

I have a little confession to make. I have been keeping a secret from you. I'm pregnant!!! To be exact I am 13 weeks pregnant.I found out about two weeks after our holiday. We hadn't planned on having another child quite yet but we are over the moon.

I suffered with awful morning sickness on Jack but luckily these 12 weeks have been different.I've been ill but nowhere near as bad. I am extremely tired all the time though. Baby is due the end of February next year. I chose to return to Holles Street as I had such a great experience last time.

This is part of the reason for my lack of blogging, I've had very little motivation to do much of anything but I am pulling my socks up and getting my bum in gear. You will probably see a slight change in the blog. Its still mainly beauty but there will be some baby and child related topics too.

Monday, 11 August 2014

New Fit Flops

I first discovered Fit Flops a few years back when I won a pair in a competition. The instant, I put them on it was love. I wore them all the time. I decided to invest in a new pair so popped over to Beauty Features. I was thrilled to see they had a Fit Flop sale on.

I liked a lot of the shoes on sale but decided on this orange pair as I thought they would go with my blue jeans, black jeans and some of my dresses.

They cost me €54 as I had a discount code.Delivery took two days and was free. I really like Beauty Features as they have a great selection of products and usually have some great discount codes.

As for the shoes, I love them. They are incredibly comfortable. I can see them being a firm favourite.

Have you ever owned a pair of Fit Flops or ordered from Beauty Features?