Friday, 22 August 2014

Joining Oriflame

I recently decided to sign up to Oriflame. I have been a fan of the brand for quite a while and wanted to have easy access to the products for personal use and to spread the word about the brand. 

I would really love if you would check out the products and if you need any product information or would like to order anything, I'd be thrilled to help. 

My personal homepage is or if you'd like a catalogue you can contact me at

New Look Cloud10Beauty

On the blog, I have always shared my love of Cloud10Beauty with you. With this is mind, I wanted to let you know about the stunning new makeover the site has recently gone through.

The new look site is of course, aesthetically beautiful but it also incorporates the latest in responsive web design. Meaning an optimal shopping experience by adapting layout to the viewing environment (phone,laptop or tablet) for easy reading and navigation. I have checked it out on my phone and I am really impressed with its mobile version. 

With the new makeover, all orders over €15 include free shipping. I love how that they are offering this!! I would easily spend double that on the website. 

I'd love for you to check out their makeover

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Body Shop Fijan Water Lotus Eau De Toilette

On the whole I love perfume. I have a nice little collection, the newest addition is *The Body Shop Fijan Water Lotus Eau De Toilette* I have to admit, when I first got this I loved the scent but at the start of this pregnancy, my nausea trigger was perfume. This was really frustrating for me as I usually would wear some sort of fragrance everyday. Thankfully, my nausea has disappeared and I have been able to start wearing this lovely.

The Body Shop Fijan Water Lotus Eau De Toilette is a fresh floral scent. It's very wearable for both day and night and not overpowering at all. I've shown the fragrance to a couple of people and everyone has commented on how lovely it is and asked for a spray. 

The Body Shop Fijan Water Lotus Eau De Toilette is available in your local The Body Shop now and costs €25.95. There is also a perfume oil, perfume mist, body lotion, shower gel and body butter in the range. 

Will you be giving this a sniff?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Jewellery From Karmisa Store

Last week I came across a new to me online jewellery store called Karmisa on Twitter. I'm a massive jewellery lover so decided to have a little look on their website. My purse didn't thank me but I placed an order for two items but there was a gift with purchase aswell. 

Here's what I got:

I love all three items and plan on wearing them very soon. The bracelet and necklace cost me €23 including free delivery. There are lots of lovely statement pieces on the website, every order includes free delivery and delivery is really quick. My gorgeous pieces came in just two days.

Have you ever heard of Karmisa? I'll definitely be ordering again soon

Monday, 18 August 2014

Physicians Formula Original Wear Mascara

Physicians Formula is just one of the many great brands that has arrived on our shores this year. One product from the range I have been testing is the *Original Wear Mascara*

Firstly, I am usually not a big fan of this type of brush, opting for a thicker brush. This is purely down to experience. I find that sometimes these type of brushes don't do an awful lot for my lashes. However, I find this one grabs hold of my short lashes and lifts them. It adds exactly what I like in mascara - Volume, Length, Decent Pigment and Definition. When applied it looked like I had curled my lashes. Something I never bother to do. 

The mascara is free from nasty chemicals and parabens and it is also friendly to anyone with sensitive eye and contact lens wearers. The only tiny complaint I have is that I find the formula a little wet and it can take a little longer to dry but overall, I really like Original Wear mascara. It retails at €13.90 so is very affordable if you are on the lookout for a new mascara.

I definitely want to try a few more of their products but unfortunately at the moment, there is no stockist near me. The stockist list is still growing but here is a current list.

Have you tried anything from Physicians Formula?