Friday, 19 September 2014

New Jewellery From Pink Sugar Sparkles

I think it is becoming fairly obvious that I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to jewellery. By far on elf my favourite jewellery shops is Pink Sugar Sparkles owned by my lovely blogger friend Lisa. I love that there is such a wide choice of pieces ranging from delicates to full blow statements. Lisa kindly gave everyone who attended my meet up a 25% discount. I'd my eye on a few bits so it was the ideal time to pick them up.

Statement Scale Bangle in Gunmetal €15

Angle Wings Statement €24*

Love Necklace €15
I love getting parcels from Lisa, they are lovingly wrapped like a present. 

If you haven't checked out Pink Sugar Sparkles yet, please do! You won;t be disappointed with what you find 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

Last time I was pregnant, I could tell you I was super healthy and fit. But that would be a lie. I ate pretty healthily (could have been better though) but I was so lazy when it came to exercise. This time round, I am choosing to be different. Part of it is steered from being part of a study with my hospital on healthy weight gain and exercise during pregnancy. 

I've been for consultation with a dietician, which was eye opening. Some products I thought were pretty healthy are actually loaded with sugar!! Two examples that have stuck with me is Special K and Bananas. I love Special K so was gutted to hear that one. 

I've tweaked my diets and am eating a more wholegrain and Low GI diet. Basically cutting out the bad carbs and eating the healthier ones. I'm no stranger to the Low GI diet, having lost three stone with it after Jack arrived. The dietician gave me a target weight that I am trying hard not to go over. I've been lucky so far and only put on a couple of kilos so I'm hoping I will be able to maintain a healthy weight gain.

Some healthy swaps I've made is brown rice instead of white rice, oatcakes or ryvita instead of Rice Cakes and Shredded Wheat instead of my beloved Special K. I treat myself once a week to something naughty. Last week it was a slice of Banoffee Pie (yumminess!)

First time round, I may have eaten more than I should have. Not quite the whole eating for two but not that far off. Turns out when pregnant you only need an extra 20 calories in the first trimester, 85 extra in the second and 200-300 in the third. 

I'm also trying to exercise a little by going for a walk in the evenings or using the Baby Body Fit Dvd I purchased a few weeks back. I'm finding the prenatal part of the DVD great but will give you a full review on that another time.