Friday, 3 October 2014

UK Beauties Wishlist

I won't have very much time for shopping on my trip to England this times but luckily there is a very decent Superdrug five minutes from the B&B I am staying in. I love Superdrug and really wish there were more stores over here. I can't take pick up much as I only have carry on but I do plan on picking up the following.

Superdrug Aloe Vera Mud Mask €3.50 I love a mud mask but find they can be a bit harsh so I'm thinking the Aloe Vera might make it a bit kinder.
MUA Pro Base Eye Primer €3.20
MUA Undress Me Too €5.12

MUA Pro Base Fixing Makeup Mist *This is just 60ml so I'll be able to bring it home no problem*
Makeup Revolution Golden Lights Highlighter €3.59

Makeup Revolution Blush Lacquer in O'Boy €3.59
I've chosen mostly Makeup Academy and Makeup Revolution beauties as they are not widely available here without ordering online and paying for delivery. I may also pick up a few other bits depending on what I see.

Is there anything else you think I should pick up?

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Ziaja Natural Olive Micellar Water Versus Garnier Micellar Water

I have a bit of an obsession with Micellar Water, I am not ashamed to say I love them. I have tried many, some high end, some budget, some good and some not so good. At any given time I have two or three different brands in the house. Currently I have Ziaja Natural Olive Micellar Water and Garnier Micellar Water. 

I wanted to get my hands on a Ziaja micellar water fro ages after hearing great things about them. Finally it happened with their Natural Olive Micellar Water (€4.49). I really like this as it removes even my heavy duty makeup and doesn't dry out my skin which I feel some micellars can. It also is doesn't sting my sensitive skin.The price is also great considering you get 200ml.

Even though I knew I had this at home, I couldn't resist the Garnier Micellar Water when I was last in Penneys. It was €3.80!! For 400ml! Such a bargain. I know in Boots it is on offer at the moment for €4.19 but is usually €6.29. I hadn't planned on breaking this bad boy out yet but in the interest of fairness I have used it twice now. My opinion? I do like it. It's also really good at removing light and heavy makeup. The one thing I d find is that is a slightly more oily texture than the Ziaja. I can still feel a little residue on my skin after using it.

Both are extremely good value for money. If I was asked which I would recommend I would definitely go with Ziaja. I find my skin gets on much better with it.

Have you tried either of these two?

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Half Way Point - 20 Weeks Pregnant

Today marks the halfway point of my pregnancy. I seriously cannot believe how fast the time is going this time. When I was pregnant with Jack, the months went by so slow! I think they are going faster this time because between looking after him, blogging and other things, I barely have two minutes to sit down and fully relax.

Luckily this pregnancy has been easier on me too. I have very little morning sickness and what I had was easily managed with ginger tea, vitamin B6 and Bananas. I still get the odd attack of it but it's usually if I haven't had a decent nights sleep. Something that has happened a good bit the last week thanks to a cold. Unfortunately there is very little I can take for this pesky cold so it is taking longer to get rid of.  I have got rakes of energy though and moving around a good bit between walks and Jack insisting on the occasional dance. 

On Jack, I didn't feel any movement until 22 weeks but on this one I started feeling them as 16 weeks. I forgot how surreal that moment is when you feel the first kick. Going by all the kicks we either have a footballer or dancer on our hands. 

My checkups have been going well and thankfully my blood pressure hasn't sky rocketed so fingers crossed that stays the same. On occasion is has been a little over but when you are waiting 2 + hours to see a doctor I think that can be expected.

I'm flying next week,  something In was nervous about but the doctors have reassured me everything will be fine. When I get back I have my big scan. I loved this last time round as you get a longer look at babs. We found out what we were having on Jack so we will be doing the same this time. to be honest I don't really mind if baby doesn't cooperate once they are healthy. I have heard two different sides to finding out, most are ok with it, knowing it is our decision but some have had pretty strong feelings to people in general finding out. I am definitely of the school "Each to their own" 

I've haven't been quite good at resisting baby bits, with buying some bibs of Glitter Mama Shop and some insanely cute unisex baby sleep suits. I had forgotten how tiny the clothes were!!Over the next few months, I''l be going through Jack's baby clothes and seeing what I have. I'm also so glad I kept his baby bouncer, highchair and pram. All I need to repurchase is a steriliser and bottles.