Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Years Resolutions

Welcome to my first post of 2015! I'm not one for New Years Resolutions really because more often then not they are a total fail. I am going to try cut down my spending habits, any non necessary things will be by passed and I will try ignore all the pretty makeup in the shops unless I 100% need a replacement for something  in my stash.

What I have decided to do it attempt the 52 week saving challenge. The idea is that you put away a specific amount every week for the entire year starting at just €1. 

*I searched high and low for a euro version but you get the idea from this pic*
Not sure how well I will do once baby arrives or during the summer but I can always make up for weeks I miss. As it is, I already put anything under 50c in a jar after I've been to the shops and currently have €10 stashed in it. This is something I started doing a few years ago as I really dislike having lots of change hanging around. Once the jar is full I usually go to one of those coin machines in the likes of Tesco and then lodge it into our saving account.

By the end of the year, I should hopefully have saved over €1000. Fingers and toes crossed

Anyone else thinking of trying this or have you done it before?

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