Monday, 19 January 2015

Pregnancy Update

I am now on three week countdown!! Eeek! I can't believe how fast the time is going.I thought it would be nice to give you an update on how everything is going. I have taken inspiration from the lovely Adoreabubbles for this.

How Far Along?
Almost 36 weeks!! 

Lots! Ever since 18 weeks this little baby has been moving non stop. I love feeling movement but I have to admit on the odd occasion, I beg baby to stop for a few mins as it gets quite uncomfortable 

Everything ready?
Almost there, I've spent the last week going through Jack's baby clothes to see if there was much I could use again. Once sorted they have gone through a wash and are now taking up residence in my chest of drawers. Only thing left I need it the pram, but we're getting that sorted next week.

Maternity Clothes?
Thankfully, this time round, I have pretty much avoided maternity clothes apart from a pair of leggings from Penneys and two dresses. Everything else is clothes from when I was a size 16. There is still loads of room in them apart from the bump.

Not a chance, between everything I find sleeping difficult. If I spend too long on one side I get a cramp in my legs so have to try turn over. I do have a pregnancy pillow that helps a little but on the whole the sleep situation isn't great.

Stretch Marks?

No new ones from what I can tell, but I was left with quite a few from Jack. 

Best Moment in the Last week?
That would be our 35 week scan last week. We got a full half hour looking at baby, which was great. We even brought Jack with us and he got so excited. This is just one of the pics we got.

We have been told gender, but have decided to keep it quiet until baby arrives.

Miss Anything?
Yes! A big glass of wine.I'm not a huge drinker but some weekends myself and hubby with have a bottle of wine between us and I miss it. I also miss not being able to do anything in comfort, even shoes have become a challenge to put on.

Weird Food Cravings?
Nope, nothing weird. But I'll get the odd craving for something bold like a bar of chocolate or fizzy drink

At this point, heartburn is becoming an issue. I've been grand right up to the last week, where it is getting very uncomfortable. I can't stomach Gaviscon this time around so have switched to Rennies.

A weird mixture of tired and uncomfortable but also excited

Looking Forward To?
Baby finally being here  and getting to introduce them to everyone especially Jack. 

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