Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Waxperts Wonder Pads

Over the past year or so, I've heard great things about the Waxperts Wonderpads. I finally got my hands on a pack and have been trying them now for about a month.

These lovelies are formulated with Salicylic acid, so it can be used to help ingrown hairs, spots and KP. They also contain Rosemary (helps with inflammation) and Panthenol (helps hydration and inflammation)

I'm lucky that I don't experience ingrown hairs, I was more intrigued with how they worked on a particularly nasty spot flare up and on Keratosis Pilaris. I have KP on my arms and usually keep it under control but since being pregnant, I seem to be having a particularly bad flare up.

I've gotten on really well with them. Anytime a spot appears I get a pad straight away and let the pad sit on the nasty for a couple of minutes. I usually use Dream dots but in the sake of research, I just used Wonderpads on the spots. Within a few hours, the spots weren't as sore or nowhere near as inflamed. I then got to work using them on my arms and noticed a big improvement. After three days, My skin wasn't as red or as itchy.

As they are designed for ingrown hairs, I got the hubby to use them after shaving as sometimes he would get a trapped hair. He used them for a couple of days and he seemed very impressed with them. 

I really like these little guys and have plans to order more from Cloud10Beauty soon. They retail at €7.95 and can also be picked up in Waxperts Stockists nationwide. My next plan is to go to their Dun  Laoire salon and try out their wax.

Have you tried these lovelies or had a Waxperts Wax?

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