Friday, 3 April 2015

7 Days Of Eating Clean

Over the last few months I have read and seen a lot about Eating Clean. Now that Miss Sophie has arrived, I decided to try eating clean for a week and also lose a bit of the baby weight I put on. 

Before pregnancy my weight was 82kg (so I was a little overweight) and I went up to 102kg while pregnant. After having Sophie, I dropped down to 96kg. This is without any healthy eating and only light exercise (walking Jack to school) The drop in weight is purely just having her. I realise I'm working in kilos, something that was drilled into me during pregnancy because the hospital and doctor works in kilos. I found it very confusing so googled how many lbs are in a kilo (2.2lbs)

While browsing Instagram the other day, a girl I follow posted about a 7 day plan she was following from Fit and Healthy  so I headed over to check it out and emailed Korina for her free 7 day plan. I had looked up Eat Clean/ Fat Cutting plans but found them very confusing and featured expensive ingredients. When I received the Fit and Healthy plan, I was thrilled to find it very easy to understand and feature affordable ingredients. 

I even persuaded hubby to give it a go, purely selfish reasons as I didn't want to think about having to make two separate meals for everything. All measurements in the plan are very easy to follow and features lots of veggies. Korina slightly personalised the plan for me to include a small amount of basmati rice or sweet potato to boost my carb intake and keep my energy levels up. Something I was greatful for as I have felt very tired lately running around with appointments and looking after the kids.

We both found the first couple of days difficult as we were adjusting to eating clean. We eat pretty healthily but on the odd occasion we tend to binge eat or get a takeaway if we are too tired to cook. Preparing the food was easy and once we got used to it, we didn't feel hungry at all. If you are looking for an Eat Clean boost, I would definitely recommend this plan. Over the week I went from 96kg down to 90kg(198lb)

I drank lots of water and green tea, cut out alcohol, fizzy drinks and bad food. I really noticed a difference in my energy levels and my skin improved too. I am definitely going to continue eating clean with the odd treat day. I have an ideal weight I would like to get down too, but am taking it slow and steady

Do you Eat Clean or would it be something you'd consider? If you  have any clean eating tips please share them in the comments. Over the next while I will be doing some more healthy eating and lifestyle posts.

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