Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Day Out In Tayto Park

On Saturday, I went somewhere I have wanted to go for an age - Tayto Park. The weather was pretty decent so we thought why not go. We really enjoyed ourselves, there is so much to see and do.

My favourite part was the animals, especially the big cats. They have a much better selection than Dublin Zoo.

Myself and hubby did the Sky Walk which is like a suspended obstacle course. You have three levels. Being brave we choose the middle, hubby actually wanted to do the highest but it was closed because of the wind. I have to say thank god it was because for all my brave talk I was petrified! Scary doesn't even cover it. Once your up there though you have no choice but to go forward because it's a one way system. Once I'd finished I was shaking like a leaf but proud of myself for doing it.

What else you can do
  • Tayto Factory Tour - quite interesting seeing all the old flavours and recalling when a pack of Tayto was only 18p
  • Vortex Tunnel - a tunnel you walk through that makes you feel like your turning upside down. Freaky but Fun
  • Wall Climbing - me and wall climbing don't get on but it looked like good fun
Here are a few more pics from the day - excuse the comfy clothes

I have a few bug bears. Firstly is the price for children between 3 and 14. It's the same price as an adult €14 and to be honest I felt ripped off paying that amount for Jack.

On entry you then have to queue up at a separate booth to get a wristband (€15) or tokens (€1 each) Most things take either two or four tokens. The price for both is the same whether you are an adult or child. We got three bands and instantly regretted it. Because it was fairly windy a good few things were closed. And the one thing I really wanted to do - the zip line had a weight restriction because of the wind. So me and my post baby weight ruled it out.My adorable 2 year old nephew joined us with his parents and he was free in but when it came to him going on anything suitable for him and Jack, he needed tokens. Next time we won't bother with the bands and just get tokens. From speaking to a few other visitors, it was clear most would prefer paying say €25 for entry and to go on attractions.

Gosh! I sound like such a moan and I don't mean to be because it was a great day out.There is lots to do and to be honest there is value for money as you easily spend 5 hours there especially with how the park is growing. Including a pretty epic rollercoaster. I just feel for kids under a certain age, it could be for cheaper.

*Photos courtesy of my brother in law*

Have to been to Tayto Park?


  1. Anita fair play to you for doing the sky walk and by the way you look fantastic x I would be a bit miffed spending that amount on a child so young and then also paying for tokens on top of that. As you said might be better if it was one price for everything when entering but still keep cost down for the kids x

  2. I went there about two years ago before they had the new attractions and felt even then it was over-priced. I also went with another adult and no children lol so we just walked around!


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