Friday, 3 April 2015

Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil

I really like using oils in my skincare and body regime. What I don't like is when an oil is overly greasy. A good while back I was kindly sent the new Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil but with everything going on, I've only used it in the last few weeks. I was really excited to get using it as I love Waxperts as a brand, their products are lovely and their packaging is fun. 

This lovely oil nourishes and hydrates the skin and promises to absorb quickly. Something I am extremely grateful for. Nothing worse than waiting for a body product to dry!!Post pregnancy, my skin has been dry and a little uncomfortable. I find I have very little time to moisturise so I really like that this is something I can apply quickly and something that dries quickly. The scent is a gorgeous lavender, a scent that reminds me of my granny which makes me smile. It's also a very relaxing scent.

The Beautiful Body Oil retails at €9.99 and can be bought at Waxperts stockists aswell as Cloud10Beauty and

Have you tried this yet??

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