Thursday, 23 April 2015

Weightloss Update Week 1

So since my 7 days of Eating Clean post, I have tried to keep going with clean eating and on the whole I'm doing pretty well. Apart from the hubby occasionally bringing home chocolate or something equally as bold.

I've started exercising more, every day I am doing some form. I found a great youtube channel called JessicaSmithTV where she does Dance Walking workouts (she also has a few DVD's). Trying to fit in a workout is hard, Jack is grand and occupies himself but with Sophie it's proving tricky. If I'm lucky and she has an hour or more nap, I'll stick on one of my exercise play list and connect it to chrome cast so it plays on the TV rather than the tablet.

I do one of these videos on a Monday and Tuesday. Wednesdays to Fridays, I'm now walking Jack to school. This is a good 25 minute walk from the house, on the way home it's 15 minutes. Mornings take longer purely because Jack starts and stops at least five or six times. This is a twice a day walk.Using the Map My Walk app, I walk just over 6km a day. I have always enjoyed walking and once I have my MP3 player I'm a happy camper. At the weekends, I'm trying to get some sort of workout in but so far it hasn't really gone to plan

My weight has come down a tiny bit ( -2lbs) since my last post. That leaves me with just under a stone until I am back to my pre pregnancy weight. Sophie's christening is the Saturday after next and while I would never try lose the whole remainder I am hoping to loose a bit more. I have a dress in mind but it is still a bit tight.

I plan on continuing eating better, and moving as much as possible. Over the next while I'll do a monthly update with what I've been eating and what exercise I've been doing. 

If you have any tips for me please let me know 

xxx Anita xxx


  1. Well done!! Progress is progress, you'll get there!!

    Chrissy x

  2. Keep going Anita... slow progress is still progress!!

  3. You will get there eventually and as soon as Sophie is mobile you'll be running after two munchkins!


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