Monday, 19 October 2015

Returning To Work

In recent months, myself and himself made a pretty important decision. See we are trying to get our own place and stop paying rent. It feels like the right time to do this as Jack will be starting primary school next September (so scary) I really want us to be settled somewhere so that we can put his name down for school. Sadly life never goes how you plan and for this to happen, we decided I would need to return to work full time. 

I've had my wobbles about going back. I know both the kids will be fine especially Jack since he is used to going to school and not seeing me for a few hours. It's Sophie, I panic about. She will be fine, I know this but my heart twinges everytime I think about leaving her. She is much younger than Jack was when I went back to work after him and part of me worries I'll miss all the big stuff. 

Knowing I had to go back to work, I didn't want to settle for just a job. I targeted my dream job at a skin care company I love and featured a few times here. After several interviews and writing up business plans and SWOT analysis, I was finally offered the role. 

Since the offer, I have been preparing for starting it next week. However before I can start, I have to fly off to the UK today for five days training. Another first as I've never travelled for work. I'm excited but also the dread sets in. I'm not quite sure I know how to be just me after it being three of us then four. 

I know everything will be absolutely fine and in the long run the role will be worth it to get our house but the mum in me can't help but freak a tiny bit. 

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