Thursday, 14 May 2015

I Am The Mum Who ....

Hi all, I'm just back from the UK and decided my first post on my return would be the I Am The Mum Who tag. I was tagged by Sharon over on Behind Green Eyes

  • has two children, one boy and one girl.
  • thought She would never have children.
  • loves to bake.
  • enjoys a dance while meant to be doing housework.
  • gets nothing done in the house as I can't take my eye off Sophie.
  • misses my mum every single second of every day.
  • is addicted to makeup.
  • recognises her stubborn streak in her son.
  • is extremely grateful for my two children but don't want any more children.
  • loves animals.
  • defends those she loves when someone gives out about them.
  • has a short fuse. 
  • never thought she would get married. 
  • is thankful for her supportive friends
  • loves glass of wine at the weekends
  • has a shoe obssession

I think pretty much everyone who is a mum has done this tag, if you haven't, please do it and send me your link.